Roqos: first to provide cybersecurity, IoT security, VPN, and easy home networking

Whether on the individual level or enterprise level, it’s never been more crucial to implement security measures for computers, servers, networks, mobile devices, and the data stored on them from attackers with malicious intent. 

The problem? The ever-evolving nature of security risks make cybersecurity a particularly challenging field to keep up with. And the existing solutions on the market are simply not powerful or sophisticated enough to protect individuals or businesses from outages and threats. It’s also been a notoriously expensive challenge, requiring experienced cybersecurity exports. 

That’s where Roqos comes in. 

Roqos is the first internet security company that provides cybersecurity, IoT security, VPN, cellular data and network even alerting services for homes and businesses via its Roqos Core platforms, Roqos Apps and the Roqos Cloud.

Roqos delivers enterprise-grade cybersecurity against malware, which is automatically updated for any new threats that may arise. Users are able to control their home’s entire internet access using Roqos IoS and Android apps to do things like instantly pause internet access on all or specific devices, create schedules for blocking internet or WiFi access at specific times, get real-time notifications on suspicious activities or network problems via phone or email, and more. 

Roqos’s easy-to-use VPN service eliminates the need for complicated VPN configuration. On the business side, users can secure Internet access in public networks by making encrypted VPN In connection to Roqos Core in their company, access the company network via domain name vs. IP addresses, connect the entire enterprise to Global Roqos VPN network for privacy and to access local content around the world, among many other features. 

Additional Key Features & Benefits 

  • Global VPN & Dynamic DNS Service — For amplified security and privacy, connect your devices or your whole house to Roqos global VPN network consisting of many servers around the world using your unique domain name.
  • Complete Transparency — Roqos software running on Roqos Core appliances are either open source software or scripted code written by Roqos engineers.
  • No Closed Source Software — Roqos does not use any closed source software which may have suspicious code written by anybody in the world.
  • Automatic Updates — Roqos Core’s firmware, cybersecurity signatures, new software and features are automatically and constantly updated.
  • Backup Internet — Never lose internet connection by automatically switching to Roqos cellular internet service when the main internet is down.
  • Cellular Solutions — Rqos’ cellular routers certified by PTCRB, T-Mobile and Verizon (coming soon) provide complete cybersecurity protection, VPN client/server, and real-time alerting of network events. They are constantly connected to Roqos Cloud for remote management, as well as for automatic software and signature updates.
  • Cellular Router With IPS — Roqos cellular routers with cybersecurity protection using IDS/IPS, DNS filters, Country Block, and IP filters are unique in the cellular router market.


Whether you’re looking to beef up your cybersecurity measures at home or for your business, upgrade your cellular router (Roqos offers the only cellular router with IPS, country block, and bundled cellular data service), Roqos may be right up your alley. Check out their website for more information.