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Roound.comTo put it in simple words, Roound is a new service that can combine all your contact and social media information into a single identity that you can then share with others using your mobile. These profiles can have as many public and private elements as you want, and in addition to being shareable using mobiles they can be embedded on sites and blogs using the provided widgets.


Plus, QR codes can be created with little effort, and they can be printed on cards and all kind of handables for people to find you without having to spend more time that they can really afford looking you up.

All the major social networks of the day are supported, and you can customize the general outlook of your Roound profile page.

And once people have begun visiting your profile, you will be able to use the provided analytics in order to keep track of everything – who is checking your profile, from where and for how long. In Their Own Words

Roound is a free service that combines contact and social media information into a single mobile identity that can be shared on mobile devices.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes it very simple to unite and share all the different strands of you social identity in one fell swoop.

Some Questions About

Which other practical uses could this technology have?

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