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Roomations.comLetting you connect with interior designers from the comfort of your PC is what this new service is all about. Users of Roomations can connect with such professionals on the spot, and receive their assistance when it comes to home improvement.


Interior designers know the tastes of every user of the site since a detailed form is filled out when registering for the service. Users are asked about their tastes and budgets, and they are also required to describe the places they live in minutely (IE, providing the exact room measurements and so on).

The interior designers will provide their minute advice in the shape of virtual designs, and users are likewise provided with a customized shopping list detailing how to recreate what the designers have virtually shown them.

This list includes the name of each featured product, its brand and its SKU. It also details its approximate price, and (what is every bit as important) a link for buying it online. So, replicating what was advised by the designer centimeter by centimeter is anything but difficult. In Their Own Words

Your toolbox for transformation.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very supple way to get in touch with interior designers, and receive their advice in a more than understandable manner.

Some Questions About

How much do interior designers earn for doing this?

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