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RoomApes.comIn case you are looking for a roommate, you might be interested in finding the better match. features a roommate search tool that you can use to find good roommates online. Also, it is possible for you to use that tool to identify bad roommates.

Many users stop by to learn how to be safe from bad roommates with a few clicks. In addition, the site lets you post roommate profiles and you can rate roommates, as well. That is why you should keep this site in mind if you want to report bad roommates and to warn people about bad roommates.

Do you want to find a good roommate? If you do, you can stop by to use a roommate search tool that can help you find roommates online. To sum up, if you are looking for a roommate and you want to find a roommate you can trust, you can try this website out. In Their Own Words

“ (View all Roommates) is here to act as a resource to help the public research potential roommates before living with them. Through community cooperation, this website will help increase transparency when choosing roommates; help others by identifying both good and bad roommates. Together, we can make the roommate living experience more enjoyable for everybody.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is actually not a bad idea. People do need to be warned about bad roomies and they do need a place where they can better screen potential roommates beforehand. If this gets more people on board it could very well become popular.

Some Questions About

The problem with this concept is that roommates and all that it means to be or to live with a roommate is all very subjective. One person may not like his roommate simply because he chews with his mouth open or because she reads Danielle Steele. These types of reasons aren’t enough to warrant a bad profile. As anyone can post a profile about anyone else, the information could turn out to be all lies and slander.