Amen! RocoCPM Helps Churches Manage Projects

So much project management software is available online that it would be easy to overlook the arrival of a newcomer. Businesses, after all, have long been able to put in place a customized platform to perfectly fit their needs. Not all institutions have enjoyed the same access to such tools, however, so there is good cause to rejoice when one is built for them.


RocoCPM is a cloud-based, project management app designed specifically for churches (and non-profit organizations), that helps them to run smoothly like a company while  being shaped to accommodate the unique nature of their operations.


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Churches well know their congregation and volunteers, but leadership has faced a severe lack of help when it comes to managing daily functions. Without proper tools, financial resources or sufficient staff, they’ve needed assistance, big time.


RocoCPM is a pastor’s answered prayer. It allows leaders to easily create projects (church picnic, for example), assign tasks to staff and volunteers, and track progress. Due dates and reminders further keep activities running on schedule.


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Since a good deal of ministry takes place outside of the church, communication is especially important. RocoCPM helps here by allowing everyone to chat and collaborate  in real-time. By strengthening connections between team members and equipping them with reliable communication channels, RocoCPM empowers each individual to work more effectively.


Administrators can also better manage resources by storing files and inventories on RocoCPM. Having vital information in one place improves organization and prevents data loss. Likewise, the system enables convenient maintenance of vendor accounts – contact info, reviews of services, receipts and records.


Maybe even more so for churches, since worship takes priority over money, solid accounting is crucial to survival. RocoCPM helps churches stay in the black with friendly budgeting tools. They can track expenses and make certain that both departments and  projects keep within limits. They can also handle all purchase requests digitally, which saves paperwork and time.


Ask, and it shall be given you. RocoCPM makes the worldly work of churches easier so that they can focus on their spiritual calling and better serve their communities. RocoCPM is the first product by Roco12, a for-profit, faith-based organization on a mission to “…create tailored tools that leverage technology and help boost overall production first for the Church.”


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