– Mobile Surfing Without Typing

RocketShotz.comRocketShotz is a new mobile service which endeavors to make internet browsing on your little cell screen, much, much easier. Mobile browsing hasn’t really gotten into the mainstream market because it can be mind-numbing, typing in long URL’s, trying to read tiny fonts, squeezed graphics, and the list goes on.

With RocketShotz at least the tedium of typing in site names will become a veritable breeze. They’ve come up with a centralized page for hundreds of mobile websites. Basically, it’s like iGoogle or Pageflakes, except that it’s composed solely of mobile sites for you to pick from, no typing involved. To use it, just sign up online, pick the sites you want to browse and RocketShotz will send them to your mobile phone. Voila each site will be bookmarked and categorized on your phone. In Their Own Words

“A simple way to make browsing the Internet on your mobile device a lot easier.

It’s the central online location to try hundreds of mobile websites with one touch transfer to your mobile device.

An easy Internet site that allows you to add, delete and organize all of your favorite sites, then instantly have them available on your mobile web browser.

The icon navigation is the most simplistic way to navigate your mobile sites.

Once you add this to your mobile web browser, you will never go back.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

RocketShotz is a straightforward app which goes a way to make mobile browsing more effortless. It’s pretty simple but it works. They’ve already got a large number of popular, mainstream sites on board, and you can add your own. The site’s portal approach will gain it leverage amongst mobile sites. It also works with PSP, iPod Touch and Nintendo.

Some Questions About

RocketShotz has to be set up online first which means it’s not something automatic. There isn’t a tool for mobilizing sites, in fact there aren’t really that many features, e.g. recommendations, ratings.