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RockersItsDangerous.comThis lifestyle e-commerce site sells officially licensed RockersItsDangerous reggae clothing and accessories for men & women. Based on the foundation of Rockers Reggae Music and licensed from the greatest Reggae Movie-Rockers.


RockersItsDangerous is an authentic Jamaican Lifestyle Brand and is reaching The Caribbean Community. Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Puerto Rico and all the Caribbean Islands have tremendous influence and presence in Urban Cities around the US and abroad. Next to all the Bob Marley shirts, RockersItsDangerous has made impact in the marketplace. Reggae Music & Caribbean Culture has far reaching global appeal. This is a positive uplifting conscious company and brand. has the opportunity reaches a psychographic not being addressed by other brands in the marketplace. While targeting The Caribbean Community is in brand DNA, the market has opened to surfers, skaters, hippies, urban hip kids and even boomers. In Their Own Words

“Rockers It’s Dangerous is a lifestyle brand inspired by the movie Rockers, the people, the style, the music and cultures of Jamaica and the Caribbean.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The market is very accepting of counter culture. Apparel has passed consumer electronics is annual online sales. The company has significant traction.

Some Questions About

Will the company be able to identify VC’s that understand the power of this market opportunity?


October Updates will include community integration.


Author : Bruce Turner

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