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Robotraff.comYes, you read the title correctly, Robotraff, a site based in Russia, has opened the first online stock exchange for buying and selling internet traffic. The internet is increasingly supported by advertising and advertisers like to put their money where the traffic is.


Robotraff recognizes this and is offering to put the people who create artificial traffic together with the people who are too lazy or lack the talent to create a site that will generate traffic on its own merit. The site is badly translated so it is difficult to say exactly how this traffic will be generated but it seems safe to speculate that the traffic will be created by hackers who harness the power of thousands of hacked computers at once and direct them toward the site in question. In Their Own Words

“Robotraff is the first automated stock exchange of the traffic, here you can buy the traffic by criteria interesting you and also to sell – under the price favorable to you. Tasks of our resource include creations of comfortable conditions both for sellers and for buyers, maintenance of the account of the traffic, money resources, guarantees for buyers of receipt of the traffic, and for sellers of duly payment.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Lax regulations and a remarkably laissez-faire attitude should probably mean that Robotraff won’t be shut down by Russian authorities any time soon. Like it or not, if this site can clean up its appearance a bit, it could well become unstoppable.

Some Questions About

Can anyone stop Robotraff? This is a potentially dangerous precedent that if successful could spiral out of control and cause a change in the way that the internet is monetized.

Author : Caroline Bright

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