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RoadTwip.usA road trip gone Twitter. That is what this site is all about.


Three online friends have embarked on an offline adventure, or if you want to use less poetic words, two guys and a gal have taken their van and started a journey to attend a conference in Omaha. This journey is covered the Twitter way, hence the name of the site.

A little background on these journeymen (and woman). Kurt Daradics is a social catalyst that has a startup named Freedom Speaks where he raises civic awareness. Jonathan Dingman is a WordPress developer and tech scene photographer. Jolie O’Dell is a tech journalist and a video blogger.

They document the whole trip through their blogs, too. The idea is using the social web in order to come up with a revised “On The Road” suitable for the technological times we are living. I like the concept and the possibilities it opens up, and I will make a point of following them around. If you wish to do so, just pay the site a visit and get the links to their blogs, or start following any of them on Twitter. In Their Own Words

“We’re three social media techies who decided to do something crazy: Take two weeks to travel around half the country, go to a conference in Omaha, & meet up with friends & thought leaders along the way. We also decided to document the whole adventure in our blog posts, tweets, online videos & pictures – basically, we wanted to share everything with our social networks so everyone on the Internet can vicariously live the dream.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting social media initiative, and one that is worth following.

Some Questions About

What will happen to this site once the trip is over?

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