search cancel – Restaurants Alongside American Highways was a web site created specially for people who enjoy traveling throughout American, and enjoy stopping at neat, good and interesting restaurants to get a quick, inexpensive and good on-the-go meal.


Destined to either interested regionals, or tourists on road trips, this site guarantees to provide good information on testimony-approved and well known restaurants alongside American routes and highways, small towns, and in city neighborhoods.’s home page lists a ‘restaurant of the day’, accompanied by a full description of the restaurant, a chosen meal of the site, and a testimony of costumers. The site also counts with forums and polls, where people can express their thoughts on the site and on the restaurants they have gone to, as well as exchange ideas and opinions while recommending spots to other road travelers. Maps are also available for the sighting of visitors and users, which seem to be quite trustful and handy. The web page includes a search tool with in the site, where users can select a specific state where they will be, and a specific type of restaurant, which are categorized onto everything from drive-in, to French or German, and chicken or barbecue.

Author : Caroline Bright

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