KillerStartups – A New Way To Discover Online Videos

Rippol.comDo you feel that the current applications we have for discovering new videos are not really up to scratch? If that is indeed the case, chances are you will find the Rippol website an interesting point of call. The company has developed an engine for the discovery of new videos that bases its suggestions on the user’s entire habits including the ratings that he has given to other videos.

This information is cross-referenced with that of friends, and then a list of suggested videos is confected.

A great emphasis is placed on making Rippol instantly usable. You see, it is possible to login using not only your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but also by furnishing your MySpace credentials. Of course, a Rippol account can be created and activated easily (and freely).

The site is still in its early stages, but I think the seeds have been sown for something quite distinctive. You can try it at the provided address and see if you agree with that, or if you think that it offers nothing different from what has come and gone before. In Their Own Words

“Rippol strives to make it easy for you to discover videos you’ll love. We built our entire system from the look and feel to the algorithms powering the backend all with that one goal in mind. We continue to innovate on new ways to help you discover what you will love to watch.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let anybody find videos that will theoretically have a considerable degree of relevance by default.

Some Questions About

How is this achieved from a technical viewpoint? Which algorithms are employed?

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