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RinseField.comRinse Field is a new social site that revolves around one simple (yet ever-important) thing: beauty. Users of Rinse Field can find the best salons and spas to visit right where they live, or in any city that they happen to be passing through. And they can also socialize in a way not far removed from what they do on other social resources such as Facebook, only that here everything is style-related. For example, these photos that get shared on Rinse Field are shared with the sole purpose of showing friends that look that one has just begun favoring.


And coming back to the actual discovery of salons, spas and shops, it must be noted that the site not only lets users find them – it actually lets them book appointments straightaway. And the discovery of the best salons is made possible either by looking at where your friends have been yourself, or by receiving a direct recommendation (which are called “shotouts” in the site’s parlance). Of course, that is not counting that you can also launch direct searches on the site. It is just a matter of specifying what you are after (salon/spa/barber/shop) and where you need it to be located. In Their Own Words

Rinsefield is an online booking directory that connects people through social technology with salons and shops. It is the easiest and fastest way to book things online.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Finding salons and spas like this is not only more reliable, it is also far funnier than by other means.

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Which States are currently seeing more activity?

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