RingRevenue.com – Track Calls Like Clicks

RingRevenue.comRingRevenue is a new service that lets advertising agencies and affiliate networks track purchases that are made through the telephone. This pay-per-call platform makes it very easy for publishers to ensure that calls are being delivered, and that campaigns are consequently being carried out as they should.

Such a solution is available both to online and offline publishers, and features include demographic and geo targeting along with time of day targeting.

The actual process is not that complex, but it might be important to describe it. First of all, the advertiser creates a pay-per-call campaign and then a publisher applies to campaigns and selects the phone numbers. Then the publisher runs phone promotions and the consumer sees the phone number and makes a call. The call is routed and tracked by the network, and a connection with a call center agent is made.

The outcome of such process is reported both in the advertiser and publisher accounts in real time, and campaigns can be analyzed that way. An example paints a thousand words, though, so that if you want to have a better idea of how this works you might just as well visit the site and request a demo.

RingRevenue.com In Their Own Words

“RingRevenue tracks and manages calls even better than clicks. We make it easy for affiliate networks and advertising agencies to track purchases made by phone. Our patent-pending pay-per-call platform makes it easy for online and offline publishers to promote call-based campaigns through the leading affiliate networks, and our proprietary call quality processing engine ensures delivery of the highest-quality callers to advertisers.”

Why RingRevenue.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting way to market any product, and ensuring it is reaching the right customers.

Some Questions About RingRevenue.com

In which territories is this service available? RingRevenue.com