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Online Appointment Booking By Ring My Stylist Ideal For Independent Stylists

A good online appointment booking app can be hard to find for independent stylists, whether you’re a barber or hair stylist, a tattoo artist, a masseuse, a make-up artist, an eyelash technician, or any number of other beauty and style professions that work independently in salons or renting booths. Ring My Stylist is an online appointment booking software solution designed especially for independent stylists. According to their site, it is the first app designed to manage every aspect of an independent stylist’s business, including your client base, appointments, services, confirmations, reminders, daily schedule, special offers, referrals, and calendar sync.
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For Stylists:

  • Seamless Client Management – Ring My Stylist lets you go beyond names and contact info to a complete client history that records birthdays; product formulas; details about their style, hair and scalp health; products offered; and even before and after pictures. Your client information is automatically saved to the cloud, so it’s accessible from any of your devices, and historical information is always just a tap away.
  • Easy Scheduling – Manage your appointment calendar, send automated reminders, and view open and past appointments grouped by date. Clients can choose from your available appointments (based on your pre-selected work hours) on their own time without calling you. All you need to do is “Confirm,” “Re-Schedule,” or “Cancel” your client’s request. Need to override an appointment? No problem.
  • Manage Services & Pricing – Ring My Stylist puts you in total control to create, manage, update, or remove any of the services you provide. Simply select “My Services,” name the service, set the duration time and price, and you are ready to go.
  • Keep Your Formulas Safe – Ring My Stylist saves the color formula, cut and/or style along with the before and after picture of exactly what you did with any given client, so you can easily reproduce it when they come in and ask for that color or cut from 6 months ago. The software has areas to write in what products and quantities were used.

For clients, features include the ability to connect directly with you, receiving automatic appointment reminbers, and the ability to view  both open and past appointments as well as hair and scalp health history.


If you’re looking for the easiest way to connect with your clients and to book your appointments, you can download Ring My Stylist for free at the App Store or Google Play.


Ring My Stylist

Author : Kae Burdo

Kae Burdo is a freelance writer, alt. sex(uality) & relationship educator, and event planner. With over a decade of writing experience, their passions are international politics, the vast range of human sexuality, issues relating to intersectional feminism, and technology and startups. Follow them on twitter @kaeburdo.

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