It’s a social network where you compare your friends in different personality traits (intelligence, assertiveness, etc). The site uses everyone’s answers to tell you how you rank personally.

Everything is done anonymously, so you don’t know how specific people ranked you… you can only see how everyone “together” see you.

rimzu In Their Own Words

Find out what your friends think about you.

Rimzu is like a personality test, only more reliable and much more fun. Instead of asking you about yourself, we ask you about your friends. Our questions are simple. “Who is more intelligent: Alice or Bob?” By analyzing your friends’ answers, Rimzu calculates your own personal rankings and hands them down in cool graphs only you can see.

Why rimzu It Might Be A Killer

1) Everyone wants to know what their friends think about them :)
2) it’s non-commercial, and there aren’t many social networks which are from the community to the community.
3) they expose ALL their functionality theough an API (as a SOAP web service, which makes it really easy to integrate with them).