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Riley Is The Easiest, Cheapest Apartment Broker Out There

Today’s Killer Startup: Riley





Elevator Pitch:

Riley is like a free broker who will help you find your next apartment via text.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I just had a conversation the other day with my sister-in-law about her plan for finding a new apartment for herself and my brother. They live in New York City and they’re paying too much for rent, but neither of them really has the time to invest in finding a new place, which really ends up being a full-time job in that city. I suggested using a broker, but she pointed out that any savings they’d gain by moving somewhere cheaper would end up getting eaten up by the broker’s fee.


Solid point.


So today when I came across Riley, I immediately sent it over to her on Facebook. (Her response: “That is so cool!”) Riley helps you find a new apartment, with only a few texts. Riley asks you what you’re looking for through a series of text messages and then comes back with possible apartments in less than 24 hours. It’s totally free for apartment hunters, because the company makes their money by charging landlords a fee when someone signs a lease. It’s like the reverse of practically every broker you’ve ever had to deal with!


You can also make money on Riley, by letting the company know in advance if you’re moving out of your current place. If you can also refer someone, they’ll give you a $200 rent credit. Not a bad way to offset those moving costs, is it?


Moving house is such a hassle. Anyone living in a big city, especially, knows what a fraught process finding your new home can be. Riley is here to give you that extra boost you can’t find on Craigslist or Zillow, without the high cost of a broker.



Apartment hunting? @TextRileyNow is your FREE broker — all she needs is a couple of texts.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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