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RiledUp.comIs there a controversial idea or theory you would like to debate? At you can voice your opinion on controversial topics and engage in a debate with other users who also voice their opinion.


In order to create a topic or comment and vote on a debate topic you must be a user. You can browse through the different topic categories and read the two sides and comments as a visitor to the site. When you are a user you can start a debate by posing a question and giving two sides. Users can then vote on which side they agree with and add comments. There are many types of debates on RiledUp confronting topics on religion to technology to health. You can easily find debates that interest you by searching through the categories or the popular tags. You can make friends and enemies with other users. Take a look at the other users’ profiles to see which debates they have participated in and who their friends and enemies are. Express your feelings at In Their Own Words

“Debate and discuss topics in any area. Make friends. Create enemies. Become an authority. These are the issues that matter to you, so make your voice heard and have fun at the same time!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

RiledUp is a fun site. It is great that RiledUp offers users many ways to participate. Users can create their own debate or comment on other debates. The enemies and friends feature is a great way for the community to get to know each other. All of the debates are easy to locate because they are organized into categories and tags.

Some Questions About

It would be great if users could engage in a live debate by messenger or even webcam. There are many sites and communities in which users voice their opinion and discuss, how will deal with the competition pose by similar sites?

Author : Charly Zaks

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