Rightmedia.com – Transparent Marketplace Provider

Rightmedia.comTired of inefficient ad networks that get all the benefit as they control information, and don’t show you what he does, so he can earn a fat margin? At rightmedia.com, all those affiliate advertisers and publishers won’t have to worry about this sort of problem any more.

The Right Media model, gives to all of its affiliate advertisers, who want to buy some inventory, nothing to stop him from buying efficiency, as it provides them an open marketplace with open access to inventory, allowing them to see the best places to spend money, so advertisers can get lots of new great users at a good price. The same goes for publishers, as the site provides a place were there are no barriers to stop them from selling efficiently. The site allows publisher to auction whatever they’re selling in an open market.

Rightmedia.com In Their Own Words

“What’s the best way for you to tap into the efficiency of the open exchange? It depends on who you are and what you need. Access to the wide open community of buyers and sellers in the Right Media Exchange, and the auction methodology that drives it, are constants. Otherwise, there’s a “right” product with the right toolset for you below, each of which can be customized to fit your particular business needs.
Publisher Media Exchange
If you’re a larger publisher with a sales force that’s dedicated to selling premium inventory, PMX is the best way to sell everything else. It’s a dedicated strategy for non-premium inventory that allows you to create your own open exchange—to consolidate the inventory across all of your properties, enable all buyers to automatically compete for every impression and drive more value with less effort.
Network Media Exchange
Networks need to create the best possible environment to put their strengths to work for their clients. NMX allows you to create that environment—your own open media exchange in which your advertisers automatically bid in real-time on billions of impressions, and your publishers automatically auction every impression to thousands of competing buyers. Drive better ROI and generate more revenue for those clients, and everyone wins.
Advertiser Media Exchange
While there are solutions on the market that allow for centralized campaign management, none bring the true, automated global optimization of AMX. Create your own open media exchange by consolidating and managing all of your media buys on a single auction-based platform. With open access to sellers and a clear, global view of where your best new users lie, you get the most out of every ad dollar you spend.”

Why Rightmedia.com It Might Be A Killer

The site provides marketing solutions by creating a marketing place with no barriers for advertisers or publishers. In addition by using this service both of these parties will get benefited.

Some Questions About Rightmedia.com

It’s really clear the kind of service the site provides, but it’s really hard to get to know how can you start enjoying it, or how much you have to pay for it if you have to, will this change? Rightmedia.com