Riffs.com – Ranting, Raving, Rating & Reviewing

Riffs.comRiffs.com allows you to find out what the world thinks about the latest Die Hard movie, McDonalds, Disneyland, IPhone, etc.

It’s a niche social networking site, where you can create your own page and profile and communicate with others through IM and commenting like any social networking site…but it is mostly focused on “riffing” about news, people, places, things, gadgets, whatever. The site is fun and entertaining, if not a bit overwhelming, and seems popular with the MySpace set.

Riffs.com In Their Own Words

v. Riff, Riff-ing or Riff-ed

v. To deliver a brief and witty commentary, offer one’s rant, rave, review, recommendation or riff.

Ratings are either rants (thumbs down!) or raves (thumbs up!). You can give any item an overall rating. You can rate specific features of each item (pros and cons). And you can rate other people’s reviews of an item.
Recommendations are personalized suggestions. They either come from your recommenders, or from our recommendation engine. Recommendations can be positive (check this out!) or negative (stay away from that!).
Raves are things you’ve given a thumbs up. Raves in the Riffrs’ Recommendations area of your page are items that your recommenders have rated with a thumbs up and reviewed.
Rants are things you’ve given a thumbs down. Rants in the Riffrs’ Recommendations area of your page are items that your recommenders have rated with a thumbs down and reviewed.
Riffs are your one-line comments on an item. They can be witty, clever, serious, provocative, goofy, and informative: they are the quickest and most efficient way to express your opinion.
Reviews are extensions of riffs: start out with a one-line riff, and if you have more to say, add a full review of the item. This is where you can express your opinion thoroughly: write as much as you want about each item, and other people will rate your review.

Why Riffs.com It Might Be A Killer

With the advent of social networking, there is an endless desire to share opinions and information and create individual styles. Riffs allows users to show off their creative side while also sharing their personal opinions on any subject. It’s a form of social commentary, in a way. It might help people decide which movie to see or not see, or which product to buy.

Some Questions About Riffs.com

Do the target audience here (14-25?) really want another social networking site? Is there a way to integrate your MySpace page into your Riff page? What is the long term vision of this site? Riffs.com