The Next Time You Need A Ride, You’ll Want RideConnect

After going out for a drink together recently, my co-workers and I got in our separate cars to drive home, and formed what looked like a motorcade. We laughed the next morning over our discovery of how close we all lived to one another, and talked about sharing rides in the future… which we have still never done.


Why? Well, it’s never been all that convenient to share rides – too many messages back and forth required, figuring out directions, trying to plan in advance… Call the reasons excuses if you will, but, if they’re enough to keep a tight-knit group of colleagues from sharing rides, then they must prevent a large number of interested people from doing so.


That was before RideConnect, a mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play) that lets you create communities within which you can share rides.




RideConnect instantly resolves any issues of trust or privacy, giving members full control over creating communities. So, users can use the ridesharing platform to coordinate with family, friends, and other trusted drivers to either give or receive rides.


People do have the option of using a public RideBoard, which makes ride requests visible to others, including professional driving services (taxis, Uber, private companies), but the key detail here is that individuals may choose whom to include in their communities of trusted drivers.


You still need to communicate, but RideConnect streamlines the process of sharing rides by letting riders enter in details (beginning place, destination, ideal pickup time, etc.), keep conversations within the app, and jump into navigation – where you can see your route in RideMode as well as how long your trip will last, and where the driver and rider can coordinate with walkie-talkie messaging.




The platform is simple, safe and flexible. It only costs 99 cents to download, after which you can enjoy unlimited use. This arrangement is a real bargain compared to other services that charge a fee per ride organized.


Santosh Krishnan, Founder and CEO of RideConnect, adds: “RideConnect is entering the market at the right time to offer people a real option for ridesharing safely. Instead of relying only on a third party to send them a car, they can now use RideConnect to setup their own trusted drivers, or simply build a private community within which they can all share rides.”


Think students on a tight budget, families with a zillion activities and events to attend, coworkers (ahem) who might take turns as a designated driver for after-hours team-building exercises – all these groups might easily share rides within RideConnect and save themselves both money and time. For more details, visit


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