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Wanna Make Owning A Car A Little Better? Get RideConnect!

This is the number one fact about cars: they’re super expensive to own and maintain. Here’s the number two fact about cars: for many Americans, they are essential for the really basic need of getting to work. So many car owners have a love/hate relationship with their vehicles, which they understand to be simultaneously really necessary and also a big PIA.


RideConnect is a new company that hopes to get more utility out of people’s cars while also dropping the cost of ownership, at least a little bit. Their goal? Connecting people who are willing and able to share rides – to work, to the grocery store, or to wherever!


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The app has three main sections: The RideBoard, Community, and RideMode. The RideBoard is where you can either post where you need to go (in order to find people you can ride with) or where you will be going (in order to find people who need a ride).


While the RideBoard module is as public as you’d like it to be (privacy settings make it easy to manage who sees your posts), the Community module is your own private network, based on your phone book and Facebook friends. You can decide who you want to interact with on RideConnect by favoriting, muting, or blocking people based on your relationship with them. The RideBoard also functions as a bulletin board for people looking to hire someone within their community to help with tasks like mowing the lawn or a plumbing issue.


RideMode is where you get down to the brass tacks about the ride in question. It’s a guided process that helps you provide all of the info that your community needs about the ride you’re offering. (You know, stuff like where you’re headed and when you’re going.) RideMode even offers exact navigation to all of the pickup and drop off points, as well as in-app voice messages so you can coordinate with everyone involved.


Even people who don’t want to ride share can participate, as long as they have a car they’re not using too much. Those folks can volunteer their cars for other people to use, sometimes just for the good of the community and sometimes for cash money.


So, yeah, cars can be a pain. But with RideConnect? Life with your car just got oh so much better.


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