RickProof.com – Protect Yourself from Rick Astley

RickProof.comRemember Rick Astley? No? Not many people this side of Web 2.0 do.

However you may be familiar with the term rickrolling, a recent internet meme employing the old bait and switch technique—promise a hot pic of this celebutante exposing something she shouldn’t, but really the URL leads to the 80’s hit “Never Gonna Giver You Up” by, you guessed it, Rick Astley. Congrats, you’ve been officially rickrolled. The phenomenon has been around at least a year, and now there’s a site to gauge how vulnerable your URL is to being rickrolled. The site is called RickProof and if you suspect a site is rick-boobied, just enter in the URL and see for yourself. Don’t get fooled. Get RickProof.

RickProof.com In Their Own Words

“Enter any suspect URL into the field above, and you’ll never get rick rolled again.

Our proprietary RickProof™ engine is trained to sniff out even the slightest mention of Rick Astley. It can spot his dance moves in bytecode, and has his entire discography stored in a database.”

Why RickProof.com It Might Be A Killer

This is an amusing gag site that may have a shelf life of null considering the rickroll phenomena is viral to a select majority. It is funny though.

Some Questions About RickProof.com

When will rickrolling get old? Will the mainstream catch on? If so, will they actually use rickproof? Will anybody use it? RickProof.com