Ribose Allows You To Piece Together Parts Of Your Life With Hassle-Free Collaboration


One tool to stay in touch with family, another to plan events, a platform to work with remote team members… too many tools. Before long we’ll need an application just to remind us of which collaboration tool goes with each task. Enough already, please.


Ribose looks to restore sanity to our online interactions by providing us with a cloud-based collaboration platform that makes working together easy – no matter what the collaboration looks like.


No need for fancy avatars and other distracting features, thank you very much. Instead, Ribose equips users with a number of versatile, essential apps that make doing pretty much anything a cinch.



Calendar – check. Easy communication via chat, discussion board or live chat – check. File sharing – check. To-do lists within multiple projects – check. Do we need much more than what’s on this list, really?


Well, I suppose it’s not too crazy to ask that these features be bundled together in one central place that’s easy to navigate and search. And Ribose makes this happen as well.


The platform keeps everything organized tidily in spaces, which can be created around any theme and shared either privately or publicly. This means that you can set up a sharable space to plan a weekend family getaway. You can keep your business in order if you’re a tour operator. You can find people to play badminton with if you’re new to a city, looking for a badminton space. Just to give a few examples of what you might accomplish with Ribose. For business or pleasure, use spaces as it helps you to make your life better.



Updates are handled in real time, so you’re always up to speed when using Ribose. You can also import your contacts from email accounts so you can find anybody without digging around in multiple accounts.


While the list of what Ribose has to offer might not sound groundbreaking, what is novel about the startup is that they do an excellent job of rendering a flexible tool in simple, painless-to-appreciate fashion. What do I mean by this? Well, Ribose has elements of an event planner, a social network, a workflow collaboration tool, communication tool, but somehow doesn’t feel cumbersome.


Ribose keeps all of your data in one place, lets you do as you please, serves a wide range of purposes, and is safe to use. It’s the “world’s first cloud service provider certified to MTCS (Multi-Tier Cloud Security), CSA STAR Attestation, CSA STAR Certification (Cloud Controls Matrix, CCM 3.0.1) and the first Software-as-a-Service platform to complete the CSA C-STAR Assessment.” In other words, they respect your security concerns, big time.


Want a easy, safe way to organize your life and collaborate with friends, family and colleagues? Check out Ribose at


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