Rhomobile.com – The Open Mobile Framework

Rhomobile.comRhodes is an open source framework that will empower you to build applications for any smartphone in the market today, and that includes iPhones, Androids and BlackBerries. Palm Pre WebOS will also be supported when it eventually surfaces.

The most commendable aspect of this system is that it makes for the creation of true native applications (as opposed to mobile web apps). In practice, this means that specific device capabilities will be maximized, and that the application will feel as natural and smooth as possible.

The website includes a tutorial and a comprehensive FAQ dealing with aspects such as how much would it cost to use it for commercial applications, and some legality considerations. A recent video from the Mountain West Ruby Conference is also included for additional reference.

As a further incentive, the company is holding a $ 10,000 contest for the best mobile app. You can submit one until the 24th of May. Just register at the site, and keep your thinking caps nearby.

Also, remember that Rhomobile is an open platform. If you think you could make a contribution to it check the list of planned improvements and see if you can make a difference by adding any of these intended capabilities.

Rhomobile.com In Their Own Words

“The open mobile framewok.”

Why Rhomobile.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let anybody mobilize his applications in a cost-effective and very natural fashion.

Some Questions About Rhomobile.com

How will the site advertise itself? Rhomobile.com