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Revresponse.comIf you have a website, blog, RSS feed or publish a newsletter that reaches people interested in tech and business topics, then RevResponse offers to help you create new revenue streams by placing a variety of links to their free publications within your web environment. The RevResponse team is flexible and offers to help you by building the necessary tools to capitalize on all of the touch points you have available.


You make money every time one of your users signs up for one of RevResponse’s affiliate’s free publications and you don’t have to worry about them stealing your traffic since they will work with you to create a completely co-branded experience. So, if you are interested in increasing your revenues but would also like to ensure that in advertising to your users, you are offering them a value added experience, RevResponse would appear to be the ideal solution. In Their Own Words

“Unlike typical ad networks that display links of questionable interest to readers, or affiliate networks that pay you only when your referred users part with their hard-earned money, RevResponse helps you present FREE content that’s of genuine value to your site visitors… and then we pay you when they take advantage of it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are in the tech/business space, then RevResponse will allow you to offer targeted publications to your readers that they will actually be interested in reading. All of the content offered is free so users will actually consider to be your RevResponse advertising campaigns to be a complementary service that enriches their time spent on your site/blog.

Some Questions About

How exactly will your customers be treated after they are “handed off” to one of the advertisers? This would be an important question to have answered given that the co-branded experience will lead your users to place a higher level of trust in these publications. If they start to get spammed they may blame you instead of RevResponse.

Author : Caroline Bright

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