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ReVou – Social Networking Solutions Made Easy

ReVouReVou is a PHP micro-blogging social networking software that allows you to start your own site just and at an affordable price. Yes! If you’re wondering if Jaiku is the one that was acquired by Google not long ago, then you are right. And will help you create your own microblogging website.


ReVou offers you the next generation of social networking and mobile blogging solution for your site users. ReVou is a self-hosted platform and site owners will have full control of the software hosted on their servers.

Software features include SMS/Web/IM/Email support, custom API, ReVou vision addon (similar to, Google Maps Integration,Widgets Plugin, Paypal integrated, RSS feeds, email importer, member profile and more. Instant Messenging supported: MSN, GTalk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger. Site owners can earn revenues with ReVou through paid SMS subscription and web advertising.

So, basically, if you where thinking in creating a microblogging website, or just adding some very cool features toi your existing website, ReVou has it all…you may even make some bucks with their own web adverytising.

ReVou In Their Own Words

“Revou was founded on Dec, 2007 which we initially developed a social networking software similar to the micro blogging site, for our local automobile industry to create a platform for our users to get regular updates on major events as well as personalized updates of user’s friends via SMS and instant messaging on the latest news and prices. We soon found out that there is a larger market as well as demand for such solution especially with the immense growth in the mobile and the online social networking for different industries.

We hence decided to form a software development company to offer web site owners the same benefit, that is to allow our clients to start a site just like twitter without spending large sums of money to custom built such an application and give them the ability to get start a “twitter clone” site immediately saving both time and money.”

Why ReVou It Might Be A Killer

Why start a micro blogging site like Twitter? Twitter has been used on many large scale events such as on MacWorld, Barack Obama and many more. Existing site owners can benefit from running a micro blogging service resulting in more viral growth for their website when users interact with follow friends by receiving updates via our social network platform.

With the strong growth in social networking, ReVou also taps into the growing mobile blogging and the ReVou software can used for any niche industries ranging from real estate, cooperate events, hobbyist websites or any social networking sites.

Custom API implementation on our ReVou software also allow site developers to create applications to work with existing social networking sites like facebook and tap into their user-base.

Some Questions About ReVou

Is there such a big niche that will actually understand all the advantages you can get through microblogging? ReVou

Author : Bill Webb

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