Revitalize Offers Innovative Way to Soothe Tired Eyes and Reenergize a Tired Mind

We’ve all been there: working or studying long after the sun has gone down, staring at a computer screen with tired eyes and just trying to stay awake and be productive. Late nights often mean reaching for yet another cup of coffee or energy drink, which sounds like a great idea at the time but leaves you feeling jittery. These beverages also do nothing to help dry, tired eyes. Instead of stocking up on caffeinated drinks and eye drops, you could try Revitalize Energy, artificial tears that provide a punch of energy.

Revitalize, currently available on Indiegogo, is designed to soothe your eyes with a moisturizing effect while also providing a boost of energy. Made in a convenient eye drop form, it takes effect instantly, fights tired eyes, and one bottle offers weeks of energy. With just one to two drops in each eye, Revitalize is designed to leave you feeling refreshed.

The product design offers a number of benefits. The compounds in the formula are quickly absorbed through the eye, allowing the energizing effects to kick in instantly on contact. A few seconds after the initial energizing effect following application, the drops provide a refreshing, cooling sensation that soothes the eyes. This cooling sensation is in part due to the rapid absorption of the drops.

When it comes to energy, Revitalize provides plenty. The energizing effect outlasts a cup coffee, but doesn’t last quite as long as a 5-hour product. Each 12ml bottle of Revitalize is approximately a one-month supply, giving you weeks of instant energy.

Revitalize Energy includes a variety of features that support its effectiveness as well as visual appeal.

The active ingredients include hypromellose, tetrahydrozoline HCL, and zinc sulfate.

Hypromellose: Hypromellose is a semisynthetic, inert, viscoelastic polymer that’s used in eye drops to help relieve eye irritation and redness.

Tetrahydrozoline HCL: Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt of tetryzoline. It’s a sympathomimetic agent and a vasoconstrictor that helps reduce redness in the eye.

Zinc sulfate: Zinc sulfate is an astringent that is commonly found in over-the-counter eye products and helps reduce eye irritation and redness.

Sleek bottle: No more boring eye drop bottles. Revitalize Energy drops come in a sleek bottle that conveniently fits into your pocket.

American made: Revitalize Energy decided to make their product right here in the USA due to the strict safety regulations here and to support the U.S. economy during this difficult time.

Takes effect instantly: Revitalize drops rapidly absorb through what eye to provide energy and relieve eye irritation on contact.

Fights tired eyes: While caffeinated beverages only focus on the energy aspect, Revitalize Energy soothes dry, tired eyes in addition to proving an energy boost.

Weeks of energy: With average usage, each bottle of Revitalize offers a month’s worth of energy.

Late nights may not always be avoidable, but eye irritation and caffeine jitters are. If you’re ready to soothe your dry, tired eyes and get a boost of energy without the dreaded coffee jitters or crash, check out Revitalize Energy at

Revitalize Energy

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