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Zoosk.comA real hit in the social networking market, Facebook has become one of the front runners of personal blogs, profiles and online spots with revolutionary and popular tools and apps. By hook or by crook its success in becoming that popular can be explained considering some of its tools like Zoosk.


However Zoosk was not created by Facebook. To use this application you need to register which I unwillingly did since the page itself doesn’t offer much information about the application and its benefits. What I found out is that Zoosk is a fun way to socialize and meet other singles in your area within Facebook. You set up a profile and see your matches right away. The application needs to be added to your Facebook account, which I also did. Basically it is a very graphic and catchy tool that enables you date or find interesting users to chat with. So make your own personal blog with Facebook, post pictures, find friends, send them messages and now add Zoosk to meet your date.


Author : Fred Inman

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