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The placement of a business is no easy matter – actually, it can determine the viability or not of a specific venture. Bearing this in mind, it is useful to have a tool like ZoomProspector at hand.


This web-based service (which has just come out of private beta) enables the interested party to find the best location for a given business by weighing up a myriad of aspects and factors.

The site makes for both a community and a property search. The former takes into consideration communities that exactly match the location requirements that the user specifies beforehand. Moreover, a ranked list of communities that best match a concrete business can be displayed.

For its part, the featured property search lets the user set down criteria like State, property type and minimum and maximum size of the premises. An interactive map is included as well for browsing convenience.

Finally, the site also features an advanced search tool that seems to merge together the two search options that have been just described, as both geography and community qualities are considered. In Their Own Words

“Every business decides where to locate. ZoomProspector finds the right location for your company to grow and succeed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a valuable and flexible resource for all entrepreneurs out there.


Author : Roger Hollings

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