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ZeroGamers.comHelping 700,000 gamers, you’ll have to trust this site’s fame when it comes to MMO cheats, hacks, bots and exploits. The variety of information and resources provided by ZeroGamers.


com is truly impressive: news? Check; reviews? Check; ditto for forums and downloads. All of this good stuff together can’t be free, and it’s not: for a yearly subscription, users get access to download all the most advanced hacks for the most diverse gaming needs in three main categories: MMORPG, First Person Shooters and Strategy. I was disappointed to see that the site doesn’t provide any free hacks just to get the users to try out their stuff before making them pay, as it is clear that that’s always a good marketing strategy. Still, you can get a taste of the capabilities and functionalities of their hacks by taking a look around: browse the most popular downloads section and open a page for any random cheat, and you can briefly read what it’s all about (what it does), learn about file size and supported platforms, and most importantly: read updates on whether it’s been detected or not.


Author : Steve Dixon

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