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YoungBucksOutdoors.comNot quite Sesame Street, but close to: is home for the children’s area of Buckmasters, one of the most prestigious deer hunting and fishing magazines in the US.


Visit this site to find informative resources for young audiences (4-teen) to introduce them to hunting and related outdoor sports; extensive profiles of young hunters and stories of their trips (with photos of the preys) can be read online. You’ll also be able to find educational information designed to let kids know scientific facts about why deer have antlers, why their coats are different colours, and also how to track their signs and steps when in the woods or in the snow. Coloring pages and games are also available from the site, and will prove of interest for the youngest audiences. Also very interesting about is that parents will find information on kids’ books that deal with these and other hunting-related topics, and also links to buy them from the Buckmasters site.


Author : Steve Dixon

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