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Youku.comThis is a Chinese site that is one of the leading internet video website in addition to the premier online video brand.


com has been selected by the Chinese people form all over the world as the number one site when it comes to getting the best Chinese videos online.

On this site users have the opportunity to share all their experiences through videos, as well as to share music and many other things.

This company has more than 250 partners in China, and offers a product that can be defined as a mix of professionally produced and users’ generated video network.

The site is very simple to use, and you can take a look at many different areas or topics. Among many other things, you will be able to check the latest news, as well as movies, sports videos, games, and many other things.

In case you are interested in fashion or science this is also going to be a good site for you. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of using a platform that offers both, not only user generated content but also professionally generated content. This tool is similar to YouTube but it has a slightly different sight.