search cancel – Gardening For The People is a thriving community for likeminded gardeners and even self-confessed “black thumbs”; the project’s aim is to promote exploration, excitement and a d.


i.y. approach to growing plants without the restrictions of traditional ideas about gardening. You will find much more information about this site within the different sections, such as the Grow section, where you will find tips on how grow different plants and information about gardening such as, bulbs, containers, flowers, fruit, herbs, houseplants, native plants, propagation, seeds, veggies, and much other information. Within the Garden section, you will find information about fauna, gardening 101, Gayla’s gardens, pests and diseases, projects, and many other garden information; if you are more interested in exploring, you will find the Explore section, with deep thoughts, ecology information, gardeners, journal, places and reviews. You can find many other sections, such as Play, with art and craft tips, daily botanical information, links, photography, videos and other stuff.


Author : Fred Inman

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