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Yotify.comTaking into account the amount of information that the Internet holds, it comes as no surprise that services keep on being devised enabling the user to look up what he needs in a straightforward way. Yotify is such a service, and it works by delivering specific information at a frequency the user sets forth beforehand.


The site aims to offer a dynamic alternative to other existing services such as Google Alerts. Its main advantage seems to be throwing in a social aspect into the mix, so that joint endeavors can be smoothly dealt with online. In order to use this service, the user has to define the interested searches and their parameters; these are the so-called “Scouts”, and the search results the user receives are based on the data he has provided. Further options include the ability to share scouts or keep them as private, while “custom” scouts can also be implemented by following the relevant link.

The scouting process can take as long as the user intends, so it is possible to set up a search and let it go on until the desired item pops up. In Their Own Words

“Track job postings, sales, housing, concert tickets, a news story and more!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very versatile service that enables users to deal with shared searches online.

Some Questions About

Aren’t there too many similar sites already? What features are going to be added in the future? How many scouts can be up and running at the same time?


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