Yojoe.com – A Tribute To Joe

Yojoe.comDid you know that the 12″ G.I.

Joe was released by Hasbro Toys in 1964 as the first ever “action figure”? Well you should, because you have reached a link that will take you to a website built in his honor. Yojoe.com provides visitors with all the information that exists in this world about Yo Joe toys. In fact, this site has a large database of related information, articles, and many sections to discover unique toy features. The site is permanently updated, and at the homepage you will see the ultimate news about Joe’s world. This include events, sideshow collectibles, video and DVD releases, news about stores, and much more. Navigate through the different sections by clicking the links placed on the left hand side of your screen, such as the Toy Archive, Collectibles, International, and more. There are also forums and message boards to discuss related topics, and you can even subscribe to Yo Joe magazine. Yojoe.com