search cancel – Political Asian Consciousness is an online asian magazine that aims to create a political asian consciousness.


They do it by providing some articles, news and reviews. Some of the issues that they discuss on the site are academia, activism, affirmative action, anti-asian violence, arts, culture & media, business & economics, civil rights, demography, election 2004, films, general news, health, history, tradition & diaspora, politics, reviews, site news, society, sports and stereotypes. So basically this site wants to get people involved in issues that currently you won’t even bother to mind, but you should. It is great to have sites like this that give you the chance to make a statement on different issues. It was about time that an online magazine provided you with a source of information and opinion as well. Here you don’t just read the news you create them and let other people interact with you so you can check out how they feel about the issue you stated at the site.


Author : Fred Inman

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