– Check Before You Go

YellowHours.comYellowHours is a web service that will enable you to check out the open hours and the location of any business in your community before you set off. I distinctly recall the day I went shopping to one of the longest-running record shops in my town only to find out there was an apparel store in its place instead.

Fortunately, my best-loved stored had just moved further down the block, but I wish I had known that beforehand.

A site like this is there to ensure the same will never happen to you, and you can’t deny that a service like this can be put to good use when an emergency strikes and procuring items with no time to spare is mandatory.

The website is structured as a database that revolves around a search tool asking two questions. These are “What” and “Where”. For instance, if you type in “Pharmacy” in “Los Angeles” you are presented with the corresponding list. In any case, you can also browse through the database by popularity, as results are ranked by site users in order to showcase how useful they are.

The featured database is actually made up of user contributions, so if you wish your community to be represented and provide a helping hand to those who live in your same location sign up for free and start collaborating. In Their Own Words

“YellowHours is focusing on the hours and location in your local community. We provide you this platform and rely on the local community members to collaboratively build an accurate local business lists with useful and accurate information such as hours and location.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It has the potential for becoming a huge user-powered database of valuable information.

Some Questions About

Will neighboring countries be taken into consideration sometime in the future?