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YachtSurvey.comYou’re going to need some reading material if you’re planning to buy a yacht or a boat, and can do just that for you: built and kept by an experienced boat surveyor, you can trust this site to deliver objective and knowledgeable information on anything leisure-boats related.


The site hosts a wealth of articles which cover everything and anything boat-related: from buying guides to maintenance tips, and from insurance reviews to engine performance or structure design. Unlike many of its competitors, is nicely designed and presents images to illustrate the points is deals with, which in turn makes reading comfortable and profitable, though I found the site to lack a type resizer option, which is always great when it comes to long articles. But it’s not just about reading disperse though savvy articles online: they also publish books, a full catalogue of which is available from the site, as are purchases. Boat lovers from around the world will be thrilled to know that the site ships internationally.


Author : Steve Dixon

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