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www.HayStack.comHayStack is a site dedicated to the fans of the alternative music scene. Lets say that this site is for those people that are interested in the bands that haven’t hit the Top 40.


HsyStack covers pretty much all genres, but the site mostly focus on Indy rock, hip hop, and metal more than the American Idol type fare. And let me say, thank god for this site I do not like American Idol at all!. At the site you will be able to find music from the playlists of friends or as they call “tastemakers”, you can listen to interviews of bands interviewing fellow bands, you can create your own playlist and you can watch videos. The best part about it is that of you desire you can add yourself as a new artist. That is a very good thing if you want people to get to hear your music. In addition, they even have the Haystack team playlist to hear or the “songs people are currently talking about” section. So if you like music check out


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