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www.CatchTube.comCatchTube is a video search engine. This site pulls most of its videos from YouTube, so it would be hard to find a video whose original source wasn’t YouTube.


If you want to search for a video all you’ve got to do is type in your keywords and check out the results that the site provides to you. On the bottom of the site you’ll find the most popular tags. At the top, you will be able to find most recent additions, top rated, most discussed, top favs, and most linked videos. The site does not offer new features and definetly has nothing to do with YouTube. It is just a poor copy. All of the content is basically ripped off the site previously mentioned. CatchTube provides adult, girls, and music videos among others. The most discussed section provides videos that have been in the public eye and created controversy by the artists that appear on them or just by the video itself. There is no forum at the site so you can share opinions with other users.


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