WvstateU.edu – West Virginia State University

WvstateU.eduWvstateu.edu is the official website of the West Virginia State University, a historically black public college institute from West Virginia, in the United States.

It was founded back in 1891 as a black college. Nowadays, more than 100 years later, 90% of the students attending this college, who is the smallest land grant college in the country, are white. Here you can learn everything about them including history and mission. All their courses and careers are posted here with academics information and requirements. In case you are thinking to study with them, here you can find all their contact information and you can even apply online. Also, you can take a look at their facilities trough image galleries. In addition to this, the site features all their latest news and upcoming events. Finally, if you are already a student you can access to a series of online services such as webmail, community resources, and student’s account. WvstateU.edu