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Wugnet.comThe Windows Users Group Network (WUGNET) and its website were launched officially in 1989. It has been providing non-official technical support for Microsoft’s customers for over a decade, and is constantly providing forum support for all Windows operating systems.


As I said before, the site provides technical support in the areas of Windows operating systems, Internet, hardware, software development, multimedia, many Microsoft products, and much more. The help behind all this great technical support is the worldwide staff of more than a hundred professionals who are programming experts, noted computer authors, instructors, developers, Microsoft certified professionals, and many Microsoft MVPs. The computing support forums feature more than three million posts in which regular users help each other on Windows or Windows programs related issues. If you don’t find an answer to your question by simply searching the forums, you can join them (FREE) and post your own question. Because of its popularity, you will receive answers in no time. Technical support has never been easier.


Author : Bill Webb

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