Wtsmith.com – Shirley & Bill Smith Homepage

Wtsmith.comThe homepage of Shirley & Bill Smith can be found online at Wsmith.com, and it acts as a biographical resource where both Shirley and Bill tell the world about themselves.

Shirley has been a radar technician, an electronic QC technician, a teacher, and finally a nurse. For its part, Bill self-describes himself as “a retired computer nerd” who (like his wife) started out as a radar technician who fell in love with computers way back in 1955, and went to work for Bell Labs for 29 years. He has also doubled as an electronics teacher for several years. In addition to biographical information, the site includes information and pictures of West Oregon, one of the preferred summer vacation destinations of the Smith family. A list of that includes favourite foods, hangouts and adventures within that area is provided. As far as winter holidays are concerned, the family enjoys visiting Tampa, and a there is a page devoted to said location, featuring a list similar to the one that was mentioned above. Wtsmith.com