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Worldwise.comWorld Wise is a company that has chosen to manufacture their products out of natural, recycled and biodegradable resources in order to diminish the damage already done to the environment. In this site you will be able to read almost everything related to the products they offer (pet products) and to the company’s aims, vision and mission.

At the top of the home page you will be able to see the “product” section where you will find all the products they offer to their clients, such as activity centers for the pets, toys, cat grass kit, organic cat nip and flutter balls among others. You will not be able to order then online, but you can find a dealer locator and then yes you’ll be able to purchase any of them. A contact section is available in the site in case you have any questions or doubts you would like to clear. Give the best to your pet while you take care of your environment, both at the same time!