search cancel – The New Statistical Resource is a new statistical resource devoted to collecting, processing, the analysis and research of world statistical data.


The project is directed on statistical researches of development 33 countries located on 6 continents, including the USA, European Union, China, Russia, India, Canada, Australia, etc. The project contains a world statistical database, periodic statistical publications, analytical material, and statistical software. The extensive database of the project, contains the actual information on a geographical position, a demography, economic development, the financial markets and world international mutual relations, and also historical data for last 10 years. The most relevant statistics describing current position and development of the countries is accessible on a network resource All the data is presented in dynamics for last month and year, and rate of change since 2000 is also accessible. The project means an opportunity of noncommercial use of data located on a network resource, accessible is free in cognitive, educational, scientific and other similar purposes. The project can be used for accommodation of the survey and analytical information in free access, information interchange, joint researches, and more. The uniqueness of the project consists in high frequency of updating of data and wide scope of the investigated countries and directions of their development.


Author : Liam Gray

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