search cancel – IQ Tests objective of the WIQ Project is to provide the most accurate IQ test ever created. But this is no ordinary IQ test! This Intelligence Test measures not only the quotient of intelligence (IQ) but also the short term memory, the long term memory and other stuff about the brain.


This is a site with hundreds of intelligence tests. Some are new some are inspired from the ones on the internet. The tests are grouped based on their difficulty level from 1 to 100 and each level has several types of questions so two people taking the test won’t answer the same questions. The questions from each level are updated weekly so you can’t find the answers on the net. After completing the first ten question test (the same for everybody), where you can find out more about the World of IQ, you should register (it’s free). Once you’ve registered the actual test will begin and you will receive points for every correct answer. The more Intelligence Points (IPs) you receive the higher you are listed in the site’s Top of Intelligent People of the World.


Author : Liam Gray

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