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WoodworkingTips.comIf you have a way with building your own wooden stuff, carving wood or doing any other woodworking job, whether handmade or with the help of machinery, visiting this site will make your day. Three of the most relevant publications in the amateur and pro industry, Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench have produced this site, where users can take a look at limited content from the print edition of the magazines, but in turn have access to a huge knowledge base containing tips, information on techniques, tool reviews, some free project plans and an impressive library of links to other relevant woodworking sites on the web.


If you enjoyed exploring this site and discovering the useful resources it presents, probably the best way to go is to subscribe to their weekly newsletter, or to the print edition of one of the magazines whose editors contribute for this site. Also worthy of highlight is the forum area, where users can join to meet other woodworking enthusiasts, exchange tips, and even make suggestions for what the weekly newsletters should be about.


Author : Steve Dixon

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