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WolfFrameworks.comWolf PaaS introduces a quick, easy, flexible, and cost effective way of building web applications on the internet. Offered on the Internet as a Platform-as-a-Service, it is a 100% AJAX and XML based business application designing and development PaaS for creating interoperable, mashable, embeddable, and portable SaaS applications on the internet for Business users.


WolfFrameNetworks offers Business Solutions Framework for business users and software developers, a technical code free environment for designing and delivering custom Business Applications on the internet.

All you need is an internet connection, a browser program and the knowledge of modelling your business inside Wolf PaaS. No software to install, no hardware to purchase, no maintenance cost, complete cloud computing SaaS development framework.

It separates the business definition from its code counterpart, making the business application survive beyond current technologies. Providing more freedom and reducing the burden of technology change and fear from getting locked inside a cloud for customers.

You design your application on the internet and get the software delivered that is ready to use. The software is embeddable, interoperable and portable, and like all Wolf based apps, they are personalized business applications and are available as a web service thus opening up accessibility to any external service/system that would like to use it. In Their Own Words

“Restricting innovative ways & enforcing strict technical skills to build software’s will only cripple our collaborative ability to create winning proposition for our customers together and give birth to the next set of killer applications for the world. Wolf Business Solutions Platform is targeting SMEs to be more efficient-productive & helping them to lower cost of ownership in compared to traditional software and enable our partners to bring innovative ideas to the market within days & weeks”said Sunny Ghosh, Cofounder and CEO for Wolf Frameworks.


Author : Bruce Turner

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