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WIOL.comWiol.com is the West Indies OnLine travel agency dedicated to the Caribbean, which has as its principle business, the creation, communication, facilitation and management of travel research, planning and booking for the Caribbean.

Within this site you will find the natural beauty, endless romance and unlimited adventure, with the unbelievable and endless white sand beaches, turquoise waters sparkle, tropical gardens burst in beautiful color and picture perfect sunsets burst the sky into flames, and much more within the seventeen Caribbean island paradises. If you are interested in learning where each island is situated and what makes each one special, you will find a map, and a listing of all the islands; by selecting one of the islands, you will gain all knowledge possible about the chosen one, such as the hotel listings, packages and deals available, all services, almanac, history, beaches, things to do, restaurants, maps, and of course, an introduction. WIOL.com