Wilderness.net – Connecting You To Wilderness Info

Wilderness.netThis site is a tool that connects scientists, educators and the general public to their wilderness heritage. The way in which this site does this is by providing lots of information.

Here you can find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about what it provides. You can find general wilderness information about the National Wilderness Preservation System, search wilderness maps, data and much more in one of the sections of this site. In the Management and Science section you can find and read about law and policy, find toolboxes, search for tools and much more. In the Training and Education section you can read about the agency employee training, university education and much more. Here you can also read the latest news and headlines about information related to this subject. If you would like to find specific information in this site you can use the search engine bar or check out the site map as well. Wilderness.net